Licence information - Overview
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Simpler CRM is licensed under General Public Licence level 3, called simply GPL. The GPL licence is the most widely used for licensing free software.

1) What does this mean for me?

It gives you right to use the Simpler CRM free of charge, both for commercial and non-commercial uses. It gives you right to modify and compile the source code so the program suits you best. You can redistribute Simple CRM, modified or not, free of charge or not, as long as you provide full source code of your distributions.

2) Are there any limitations?

Yes, there are. You cannot use Simpler CRM or its parts in software applications you wish to distribute under different license types. In other words, if you wish to write another application and reuse Simple CRM or its part in it, the application must be licensed under GPL license. If that is not the case, please send mail to the author, so we can agree on license that is appropriate for you.

3) Where can I learn more about GPL?

You can familiarize yourself with GPL quickguide, or jump straight to GPL Home.

4) Warranty.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. I take no responsibility for any losses caused by running this program.

Copyright © 2009 Marcin Junger.